Hello Suomalaiset people and others too! Welcome to the new and first home of the Finnish Mac Admin community. These webpages will host information about coming events and occasionally a blog post or two. The best thing is that anybody can take part and contribute - our source code is open on GitHub.

Our small community has been growing rapidly during the past year - so at least for us, 2016 was not that bad afterall. We have welcomed many new faces - or should we say nicknames or handles - to the #finland channel on the global MacAdmins Slack. We hope that the trend continues - welcome you all!

Talking about putting names to faces or vice versa - the FinMacAdmin meetup/workshop/get2gether has been on a short hiatus but soon we all will meet again. Actually pretty soon, since the webmaster has been way too busy recently and has failed to update the pages. Anyhow, stay tuned for more!